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Our Services

Green Horizon, Inc, specializes in Landscape Installation and Maintenance.

Landscape Installation

  • Irrigation - drip, sprinkler, and subsurface

  • Planting - any design theme

    • Low Water Use​

    • We can use your landscape plans or we can help you design the space

  • Turf and Artificial Turf Installation

  • Night Lighting - illuminate your yard/s at night

  • Drainage systems to get your water to flow wherever you need it to

  • Rocks and Boulders - provide natural feel

Landscape Maintenance


Landscape maintenance is everything you might want to keep your yard looking better than you neighbors'. This includes lawn care, pruning, clean-up, flowers planting, irrigation upkeep, fertilizing, and re-seeding. With lawn care we mow, edge, weed eat, and blow. Pruning, features shaping your shrubs and keeping up with your small trees that have branches reachable from the ground. We can spray your weeds to maintain your yard's sharpness. The landscape debris; like leaves and small branches will be picked up with our services. If we notice a problem with the irrigation it can be fixed to ensure the life of your landscape. We also offer fertilization for the grass, plants, and trees of your landscape. Any of your questions about these services and more can be answered if you give use a call.

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